Asset Audits

Accurate asset data is fundamental to all aspects of best practice maintenance management

Asset Register

Create an Asset Register so you can better plan maintenance and lifecycle

Asset Condition

Determine the condition of your assets to enable informed decision-making


Ensure regulatory compliance for all of your essential safety measures

Asset Audits

FM Essentials utilise tablets and bespoke asset management software to perform:

  • Asset Audits
  • Building Condition Audits
  • Compliance Audits

This technology enables us to streamline the reporting process and significantly improve data integrity. Auditors are able to input a wide range of data, including photographs, measurements, and risk ratings directly into the asset management software while on site, with an estimated 50% reduction to reporting timeframes resultant from this highly efficient approach.

In addition to facility management consultancy services, FM Essentials also develop and licence asset and facility management software, and therefore have a strong IT background and a genuine understanding of data – not only collecting data during asset audits and building condition audits, but also analysing data and generating tangible outcomes for your organisation.

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