FM Implementation

Bringing your building to life and deliver ongoing quality and cost benefits

FM Readiness

All activities are completed safely, effectively and efficiently, and within budget

Quality Services

Superior quality facility management services

Facility Performance

Optimise building performance and asset life

FM Implementation

An integrated approach to facility management implementation is not only concerned with “bringing the new building or fitout to life” but also the implementation of a facility management solution geared to deliver quality and cost benefits over the full life of the property asset.

Facility management implementation is concerned with the delivery of an innovative, best practice FM solution. For new facilities this extends to ensuring that all relevant FM operations activities are completed safely, effectively and efficiently in readiness for occupation of a new facility.

FM Procurement

The quality of the procurement process directly impacts pricing, service level, performance, and exposure to risk. FM Essentials will ensure that the suite of documents issued to the tenderers provides them with all of the information they require to develop and price a delivery solution, and that your organisation achieves optimum procurement and service delivery outcomes.

FM Procedures

Procedures outline the steps to take and the order in which these need to be taken, with the purpose of ensuring that everyone knows what to do, when to do it, how to do it – thereby helping systems and people function better.

FM Readiness (Mobilisation)

Practical Completion (PC) refers to the point at which all building works are completed and an occupancy permit is issued signifying the space is “fit for occupation” – however, “fit for occupation” is not the same thing as “ready for occupation”. Our team will manage FM Readiness process, including inductions, training, testing and commissioning, asset auditing, cleaning, stocking, emergency planning and response, and all other activities required to mobilise a facility.

Facilities Management Implementation

Key activities include:

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Specification Writing
  • Procurement of FM Services
  • Operating Procedures
  • FM Readiness (Site Mobilisation)
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Transition to Business As Usual

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