FM Strategy

Our consultants can help you to identify and achieve your FM Objectives

Strategic Alignment

Align facility management with your organisation’s strategic direction

Quality Services

Superior quality facility management services

Operating Costs

Optimise operating costs over the life of an asset

FM Strategy
Informing the Design

It is imperative that ongoing operational needs are an integral part of the design process – after all, FM plays a vital role in supporting the day-to-day activities of your organisation and should not be hindered by design decisions. FM Essentials provide expert design review advice with due consideration to accessibility, usability, maintainability, safety, and so forth, and any other considerations pertaining to the ongoing operation of the building, as well as the development of design briefs for key facility management spaces, such the loading dock, goods lift, mailroom, etc.

FM Strategy

FM Essentials can develop a facility management strategy which provides an overarching framework for the ongoing management of your organisation’s properties, aligned with its culture, vision and business strategy and objectives. The facility management strategy can cover the scope of services required to support your facility, Service Delivery Model, procurement approach, asset management planning, gap analysis and service level benchmarking, budgeting, and site mobilisation planning, with a clear emphasis upon innovation and whole of life/lifecycle outcomes.

FM Plans

The strategic phase also includes the development of Asset Management Plans and, for commercial sector and corporate clients, Workplace Services Plans – combined these documents provide a structured, formally endorsed approach to all aspects of asset and maintenance management and the provision of services to support a twenty-first century workplace environment.

FM Policies

FM Essentials can also assist clients in the development of FM Policies – a set of principles, rules and guidelines formulated or adopted by an organisation in order to achieve its FM objectives. The FM Policies are what inform processes and procedures and the day-to-day operation of your facility.

For consideration:

The cost of operating a facility can often exceed the cost of construction when factored over the full life of the facility – for this reason, the “true cost” of a building or fitout must take into consideration “all costs” including maintenance, repair, replacement, disposal, and management resources, systems and tools. Not only can the FM Strategy drive superior quality service, but a more effective and efficient FM solution can translate into substantial cost savings when factored over a number of years – it pays to be strategic!

Strategic Planning

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