Specification Writing

Optimise your procurement outcomes and reduce risks

Contract Scope

Clearly define contract scope, obligations and KPIs


Optimise performance outcomes from contracts with FM Contractors

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate procurement risks – cost, service level, performance

Specification Writing

Both your organisation and the FM Contractor are proceeding at risk by entering into a contract without a well-prepared specification which clearly documents the full and detailed extent of the services being provided. The purpose of specifications is to clearly communicate to the FM Contractor what it is you require in order that they can develop and price a delivery solution.

FM Essentials can develop high quality specifications to assist your organisation in the procurement of all manner of facility management related services. The specifications comprise important information regarding the client organisation, the facilities and the scope and service level, including objectives, cultural intents, obligations, standards, SLAs, along with floor plans and design schedules, accurate asset data, and reference to the relevant regulatory requirements.

Consequences of poor specifications:

The scope and standards can often fall short of that expected, and required, with detrimental impacts upon the performance of assets or services, with risks to your Business (e.g. repeated asset failures). Organisations can incur greater costs in the medium to long-term by way of maintenance and replacement, and call-out services, as a direct result of this shortfall in quality.

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