FM Essentials Services

FM Essentials Services provide best practice solutions to maintenance management. Our team of experts work with clients providing recommendations on how to improve the performance, safety, and utilisation of their assets, equipment, and properties – and provide a complete maintenance management service that enables organisations to achieve their facility management goals.

This includes strategic planning, advice on the latest essential safety measures and building compliance requirements, budgeting, scheduling, asset data analysis and reporting, the procurement and management of maintenance contractors, and the best approach to rectifying defects.

Our complete facility management service is geared to help clients optimise their operating cost, building performance and asset life. This is achieved through a combination of strategic maintenance planning, the use of the latest technology, adroit contractor management, and a strong focus on customer care.

Winner of the prestigious Facility Management Association Award for “Provider of FM Services Outsourced”

2016 Provider of FM Services Outsourced


Our Services

We have the knowledge, experience and qualifications to ensure that you clearly understand your responsibilities in the ongoing maintenance of the essential safety measures, and that your organisation achieves full regulatory building compliance. But unlike many of our competitors our expertise is not limited to essential safety measures alone. FM Essentials can also take care of all your other facility management services requirements, including mechanical, electrical, fire, plumbing, lifts/escalators, general maintenance such as painting and carpentry, and a range of other maintenance services – all delivered as part of an integrated facility management service.

Our innovative, best practice facility management services include: