Essential Safety Measures Auditing & Building Compliance

Our experts will ensure your properties comply with all regulations, codes and standards

Safeguard People

Safeguard the people using your buildings

Avoid Penalties

Avoid serious legal and financial penalties

Building Compliance

Ensure full building compliance with regulatory obligations

Essential Safety Measures Auditing

Our essential safety measures auditors have the experience, knowledge, qualifications and systems to ensure you meet all aspects of your essential safety measures building compliance.

Experienced, qualified auditors perform essential safety measures inspections and auditing services to comply with each state and territory building regulations. Safety measures inspections results are captured in state-based compliant logbook and can cover passive and active essential safety measures. These are presented through our unique online system, fmXpert, allowing you to access all your information in real time. This ensures you are always informed of your property’s statutory building legislation, AS1851 and Building Code of Australia currency.

Essential safety measures services include inspections and auditing, safety measures logbooks, Annual Fire Safety Statements, auditing maintenance contractors, safety measures schedules, assessment of documents, authority notices advice, and system interface testing.

Essentials safety measures inspections results are captured in state-based compliant logbooks and are presented through our software system with online access to your data in real time.

FM Essentials can provide auditors who are fully trained and accredited to assist you in all facets concerning a building’s egress under the building regulations, Building Code of Australia, including authority issued statutory documentation relative to exit doors, paths of travel and egress.

Our essential safety measures auditors provide you with an independent comprehensive fire and smoke door inspection service. Results of inspections are recorded in our regulatory compliant reports that meet AS1851 logbook requirements and are presented via fmXpert.

Various Work Health and Safety Acts and Regulations throughout Australia require either the building owner, occupier or employer to meet specific initial hazard identification obligations to ensure that a safe work environment exists for employees and visitors. Our experts understand the risks building owners and tenants inherit and provide Initial Hazard Identification Reports.

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