Contractor Management

Reduce risk by ensuring your regulatory compliance obligations are met in full

Operating Costs

Optimise operating costs over the life of an asset

Contractors Management

Performance management of your maintenance contractors

Facility Management

Superior quality facility management services

Contractor Management

Our adroit approach covers all aspects of best practice contractor management, incorporating procurement, on-boarding, administration, health and safety, performance management and invoicing, resulting in a consistent, high quality facility management service.

Recent innovations in our contractor management services include the introduction of a QR Code solution, compatible with any smartphone, which captures each contractor’s precise arrival and departure time and ensures that clients are charged based upon “actual” time on site, ensuring more accurate invoicing. This technology also allows contractors to undertake onsite reporting on both programmed and reactive maintenance via a direct link into fmXpert software and provides instantaneous service reports/live data, which reduces administration post attendance.

Contractor Appointments

FM Essentials has access to a large pool of highly skilled maintenance contractors and appoints service providers to clients based upon their location and specific service needs.

Currency of Insurances

As part of the on-boarding process for new contractors our team will ensure that all relevant insurances are in place. We will also track the expiry dates in our asset and maintenance management system and make sure that only properly insured contractors attend site.

Health and Safety

All aspects of health and safety are intrinsic to the services we provide. Our team will ensure contractors are inducted prior to attending a site. It is also mandatory for all contractors to complete a safety checklists for each job, all automated via our maintenance management system.

Consistency of Service

FM Essentials will provide of a cohesive, coordinated approach to the various maintenance services. All contractors will adhere to the same processes and procedures, and software solution.

Performance Management

Our experts will develop KPIs and ongoing performance measures to ensure quality of services. Where contractors fail to meet expectations FM Essentials will provide an alternative supplier.

Centrally Managed Invoicing

We validate the invoices and pay the contractors on your behalf. All you need to pay is a single monthly invoice covering all programmed maintenance services.

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