Essential Safety Measures

Keep your building safe – do not risk the safety and wellbeing of your building’s occupants

Building Compliance

Ensure full building compliance with regulatory obligations

Safeguard People

Safeguard the people using your buildings

Avoid Penalties

Avoid serious legal and financial penalties

Essential Safety Measures
Essential Safety Measures Compliance

Essential safety measures are the fire, life safety and health items installed or constructed in a building to ensure adequate levels of fire safety and protection from other health risks over the life of the building. Essential safety measures (ESM) include building fire services such as sprinklers and mechanical services, as well as passive fire safety such as fire doors, fire-rated structures and other building infrastructure items, for example paths of travel to exits.

It is vitally important for all building owners, managers and operators to be compliant with their obligations regarding the maintenance of the essential safety measures in their buildings.

There can be serious legal and financial penalties to you if your essential safety measures are not maintained to the required standards. Not to mention the possible disastrous consequences if the systems and infrastructure fail to protect the occupants, neighbours, or the public in the event of an incident.

Additionally, our facility management consultants can help your organisation in the planning and implementation of your essential safety measures maintenance, including the collation of important asset data and operating manuals, budgeting, scheduling, and the procurement of contractors.

Essential Safety Measures Auditing/Building Assessors

FM Essentials provide an end-to-end solution for the management of all your essential safety measures. Our team of experts have the knowledge, experience and qualifications to ensure that you clearly understand your responsibilities in the ongoing maintenance of the essential safety measures, and that your organisation achieves full regulatory compliance. This service now includes in-house essential safety measures (ESM) auditing services performed by building assessors to determine non-compliances and associated defects.

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