Maintenance Planning/Lifecycle Planning

Optimise operating costs, building performance and asset life

Operating Costs

Optimise operating costs over the life of an asset

Building Performance

Optimise building performance and asset life

Building Compliance

Ensure full building compliance with regulatory obligations

Maintenance Planning
Maintenance Planning

Maintenance planning is a crucial component of any facility management services.

FM Essentials provide strategic planning, advice on the latest essential safety measures and building compliance requirements, budgeting, scheduling, asset data analysis and reporting, the procurement and management of maintenance contractors, and the best approach to rectifying defects.

We can also develop a holistic Asset Management Plan focussed on maintaining plant and equipment in a condition that meets compliance obligations, your organisation’s operational requirements, and represents an innovative, industry best practice solution.

Our maintenance planning incorporates a whole of life approach to facility management services and is aligned with your organisation’s business strategy, culture, vision and objectives.

Strategic Planning
Maintenance Plans/Lifecycle Plans

As part of our maintenance planning services, FM Essentials can develop a range of maintenance plans and lifecycle plans to help your organisation achieve a fully compliant, best practice approach to facility management services generated using our specialist software, fmXpert.

Notable examples of maintenance and lifecycle plans for essential safety measures and other essential services maintenance include some of the following:

  • Programmed Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Annual Works Plan
  • 10 Years Lifecycle Plan

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