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Drone Technology

One of the most recent recruits to the team is a DJI Phantom 4 drone, which our consultants utilise for asset, condition and compliance auditing services to access and photograph roofs, guttering, lighting towers, safety systems, building facades, etc. The vehicle is small, agile and lightweight meaning that permits are not required. The drone negates the requirement for working at heights, significantly accelerates the speed of the audit, and the quality of the images is very impressive.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

AS3745-2010 requires emergency evacuation diagrams which provide emergency and evacuation information to occupants and visitors and are an important element of your facility’s emergency management plan. In addition to essential safety measures (ESM) auditing and Essential Safety Measures (ESM) maintenance management, FM Essentials offer emergency evacuation diagrams which clearly show information regarding evacuation procedures, installed equipment, details of the evacuation assembly area and exits.

The emergency evacuation diagrams can be supplied as part of an integrated essential safety measures (ESM) solution, offering you reassurance that your properties are compliance.

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