FM Essentials Software

FM Essentials' Software Business develop and licence asset and facility management software.

fmXpert asset and facility management software (Computerised Maintenance Management System) is a cost effective, adaptable and easy to use system that will boost the efficiency of your organisation's facility management team and improve overall service delivery. Developed in conjunction with facility managers, fmXpert is designed to automate and simplify day-to-day asset and facility management tasks, maintaining whole of life data and incorporating sophisticated reporting tools and features to enhance productivity.

fmXpert asset and facility management software (Computerised Maintenance Management System) has enabled our clients to save thousands of dollars in contractor management, preventative and reactive maintenance, and asset lifecycle planning.

Winner of the prestigious Facility Management Association Award for “Provider of FM Services Outsourced”

2016 Provider of FM Services Outsourced



Through a combination of consultation, software training, and our client centric approach we ensure fmXpert asset and facility management software is configured to meet your organisation's business requirements. Our highly trained team of specialists will support and educate your facility management team during the implementation phase and throughout the contract.

The system's features include:

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Work Order Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Data Management
  • Lease Management
  • Event Management
  • Mobile tools
  • Dashboard & Reporting

The benefits of fmXpert asset and facility management software include:

  • Streamline and customise workflow
  • Optimise operating costs
  • Enhance asset performance
  • Better manage risk and ensure compliance
  • Automatic updates and notifications
  • Secure your organisation's asset and facility management data
  • Improve overall service delivery