Reporting and Data Management

Accurate asset data is fundamental to best practice maintenance management

Integrity of Asset

Improve the integrity of asset and maintenance data

Operating Procedures

Streamline operating procedures and improve productivity

Building Performance

Better understand the performance of your buildings

Maintenance Management

fmXpert includes a range of features which allow you to convert data into meaningful reports from which you can garner a holistic picture. Monitor performance via customised widgets using the dashboard, in the form of colour charts and graphics for easier analysis and interpretation. The software includes a built-in report generator which presents information in professional formatted documents, branded and tailored to meet your organisation’s unique requirements.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Real time data/live reporting technology
  • Clear, easy to understand reports
  • Customised templates designed to meet the needs of each individual client
  • Access to a dashboard with a range of widgets for performance and trend analysis
  • Photos and GPS locations to support defect reporting
  • Automated text and email notifications to nominated stakeholders
  • Meaningful data outputs to inform decision-making

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