Work Order Management

Ensure all Work Orders are completed on time and budget

Streamlining workflow

Streamlining workflow – quoting, approval and work issue. Users can optimise their workflow through the main system

End-to-end process

End-to-end process covering all stages through to financial completion

Facility Management

Superior quality facility management services

Work Order Management

fmXpert allows users to create, track and manage Work Orders, reducing your workload in terms of the day-to-day management of contractors, as well as ensuring that all your maintenance obligations are met in timely and cost effective manner. Service Requests can be submitted via various media, including FixIt, our easy to use online portal, which connects stakeholders (e.g. your organisation’s staff) with the Facility Manager. The system allows you to manage each stage of the Work Order process from creation to quoting, approval and work issue, through to financial completion.

Each Work Order is progressed in accordance with agreed Work Order Priorities/SLAs and stakeholders kept fully up to date via status reports and automated notifications.

The Work Order workflow process can be tailored to meet the needs of each client and updated at any time.

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