Case Studies

FM Consulting – FM Strategy and Specifications

720 Bourke Street Project, Melbourne (30,000 sq. m)

FM Essentials' consultants developed a comprehensive facility management strategy for the organisation's new National HQ, custom-designed to support an innovative Activity Based Working (ABW) model.

The facility management strategy identified the scope of services for FM specifications and included a strategic overview of maintenance planning, workplace services, base building integration, contractor management, and facility management mobilisation. The strategy also included an Asset Management Plan, detailed cost analysis and the development of optionality metrics to support the decision-making process.

Our FM consultants developed scope, FM specifications, and procedures for the procurement and implementation of the workplace and FM services, and project managed FM readiness (site mobilisation).

In addition to implementing improvements to operating procedures and service levels, our facility management consultants identified cost efficiency opportunities in excess of $1.0M p.a.

FM Services – Building Condition Audits

Project 300 residential properties located throughout Victoria

FM Essentials performed comprehensive building condition audits to 300 houses located throughout Victoria. The team of auditors utilised tablets and our custom-designed asset and maintenance management software (fmXpert) to perform the building condition audits. The scope of services included the costing of 7,000 defects using the Department of Health and Human Services’ Schedule of Rates to form a 5 Years Plan for each property, as well as the development of CAD Plans, and the provision of strategic advice pertaining to development opportunities. Data was provided in the form of highly detailed pdf reports and Excel data reports accessible via the fmXpert web-portal, and the building condition audits completed per the program.

FM Software Implementation and Support

Henkell Brothers (Asset Investment Managers)

Henkell Brothers are owner managers of a property investment portfolio comprising some 36 assets ranging from large semi-industrial facilities to commercial offices and retail investments.

Henkell Brothers are one of Melbourne’s most successful property investment companies and have grown extensively over the last 20 years. They currently manage over 20 different owner investment entities who collectively own more than 30 corporate properties throughout Victoria. Henkell Brothers reviewed the way the company’s transactions and operations were managed and realised that there were risks and inefficiencies resultant from the way in which information was managed and shared between departments (e.g. Property and Accounts), including duplication of data entry and inconsistent data. This was identified as a major risk.

Our association dates back to 1998 (to an earlier form of fmXpert). fmXpert is utilised by the organisation to streamline workflow and to drive improvements to data integrity, including an asset register, maintenance schedules, work order management (utilising the fiXit online tool), budgeting and forecasting. They also use our software applications pmXpert for property management and cmXpert for online inductions.

FM Consulting – Facility Management Implementation

321 Exhibition Street Project (33,000 sq. m), Melbourne

FM Essentials delivered wide range of FM consulting services over a 12 months period for the fit-out of Origin Energy’s new Melbourne HQ. This encompassed the development of facility management procedures, the project management of facility management readiness (site mobilisation), and various FM post implementation services, notably contractor management, defects management, post-handover issue remediation, project transition to the client’s FM team, and interim management of the tenancy (maintenance management) during the phased handover period. We also project managed the relocation project.

A primary focus of this contract was the management of all post-handover construction and defects works (which were extensive), to ensure the safety of staff, visitors, and all contractors, and to minimise business disruptions – with zero incidents reported over a 9 months period.

FM Services – Maintenance Management Services

Aged Care Facility, 230 Rosanna Road, Melbourne

FM Essentials manage all aspects of building compliance, including:

  • Maintenance & Lifecycle Planning
  • Development of operating budgets and forecasting
  • Work Order/Contractor Management
  • Essential Safety Measures Auditing & Building Compliance
  • Reporting & Data Management
  • Customer Care Centre

As building managers, our expert facility management services incorporate the management of preventative, corrective, and reactive maintenance covering essential safety measures, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, catering and laundry equipment maintenance, and the management of other maintenance services. We also implemented a solution for managing the client’s system failures and were able to drive a range of improvements to contractor management, operating efficiency, and ensure ESM regulatory compliance, including the development and certification of the annual ESM reports (AESMRs).

There were zero non-conformances at the client’s last accreditation audit.

FM Software Implementation and Support

Founded in 1923, Carey Grammar is a co-educational, independent, Christian school with approximately 2500 students from Early Learning to Year 12. The school has been using fmXpert Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) (CMMS) (IWMS) system since 2014 and has recently added new modules, making the most of the system’s latest capabilities. They utilise the system for assets and maintenance management including an asset register, maintenance schedules, work order management (utilising the fiXit online tool), as well as budgeting and forecasting maintenance costs. fmXpert has become an invaluable tool which has streamlined their facility management processes enabling greater efficiencies and better reporting.

They also use rmXpert for room booking management.

FM Consulting – FM Design Review

60-80 Cremorne Street Project, Melbourne

The challenge: FM Essentials were appointed to review the commercial building’s design in terms of access, useability, maintainability, safety, and management, and develop a report.

Driving success: The back of house design posed potential issues with dock management, goods holding, storage, retailer access for waste management, plus the risk of noise and malodours due to proximity to “staff and visitor experience” areas. The space was re-designed by the architect following feedback from our FM consultants to allow for more effective operations and better segregation of operations spaces from the front of house, leading to changes in the landlord's operating model. This included a reduction in the number of resources required to operate the building, with cost and quality benefits to the client.

FM Consulting – Gap Analysis/Current State Review

Aged care portfolio, Victoria

Our FM consultants developed a detailed Gap Analysis Report (Current State Review), providing the client with an overview of their existing FM services, measured against 7 pillars, including issues and risks, and key considerations for improving the quality of services and mitigating risks – the assessment considered FM strategy and planning, objectives, asset and maintenance management, contractor management, OHS, service delivery model, and performance management. Our consultant's findings were presented to the Board and actions undertaken to implement our FM consultant's recommendations across the portfolio.