The provision of FM & workplace operations services are fundamental to supporting your business and your people – but does your approach help you achieve your vision?

THE PROBLEM: As we move through the third decade of the 21st Century, FM and workplace operations have become increasingly sophisticated and now encompasses everything from cleaning and maintenance to regulatory compliance, from contracts and procurement to staff and customer "experience", from technology and capital projects to social responsibility and environmental sustainability – and you need to be better informed and more strategic in your approach.

This is to get the best out of your facilities and your services, and better support your business and your people.

OUR SOLUTION: FM Essentials are recognised as market leaders in innovation and the delivery of facility management (FM) and workplace operations solutions, and have developed FM strategies, policies, asset management plans, scope and specifications, procedures (SOPs), and an array of related documents for clients nationwide. We also project manage FM readiness, bringing your new facility life, and ensuring the site is fully operational ready for you to move in.

Our expertise encompasses "workplaces of the future", organisational transformation, and the optimisation of performance and spend.

Our consulting services include:

  • FM Design Reviews
  • FM Strategy, Plans, Procedures
  • FM Specifications and FM Procurement
  • Site Mobilisation (FM Readiness)
  • Service Optimisation (Operational Excellence)
Consulting - FM consulting

Want to drive improvements to service level, optimise operating costs, and mitigate risks in the delivery of FM services at your new building?


  • Identify issues regarding accessibility, usability, maintainability, safety, and management
  • Ensure the design aligns with your requirements and objectives
  • Opportunity to optimise design by identifying and eliminating risks
  • Save $000’s in operating costs (direct/ outgoings) over the life of the building
  • Eliminate the need for costly retrospective design changes

Does your organisation have a clearly defined FM strategy which provides an overarching framework for the management and operation of your facilities?


  • Customised strategy which meets your objectives/unique needs
  • Encompasses objectives, scope, service level, regulations, performance, etc.
  • Strategic Asset Management Plan, Maintenance Management Plan
  • Align FM & workplace operations with your corporate strategy, culture and values
  • Ensure the level of service aligns with expectations and requirements
  • Improve building performance, plus staff and guest "experience"
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities, and program of delivery

Do you have documents which detail your organisation’s unique operational requirements and enable you to better manage your service contracts?


  • Tailored to assist you in the procurement of FM & workplace services
  • Project management of the FM procurement process
  • Encompasses objectives, scope, service level, regulations, performance, etc.
  • Optimise procurement outcomes – scope, quality, cost, and risk
  • Ensure the level of service aligns with your expectations and requirements
  • Improve building performance, plus staff and guest "experience"
  • Clearly defined performance management framework

The aim is to provide both parties with a robust statement of outcomes which can inform the Service Agreement – and be applied to all aspects of day-to-day service delivery.

Do you have a plan and experienced resources to “bring your new facility to life” and ensure it is fully operational in readiness for when you move in?


  • Development of a Mobilisation Plan – activities, program, dependencies, budget, risks
  • Bringing your building to life and deliver ongoing quality and cost benefits
  • All activities are completed safely, effectively and efficiently, and within budget
  • Improve building performance, plus staff and guest “experience” from Day 1
  • Transition of asset data and completion documents to key stakeholders

The aim is to ensure the facility is prepared safely and effectively in readiness for the Day 1.

All necessary tools and information are available to those who need them.

Does your existing FM solution meet your evolving needs, mitigate risks, and represent value for money?


  • Improved satisfaction – staff, clients, customers
  • Improved productivity leading to reduced costs
  • Ensuring the right people are in the right place, at the right time
  • Eliminate inefficiencies, over/under delivery and operating risk

Your existing services are measured against industry benchmarks, contracts and leases, regulations, and your own unique requirements, to form a Gap Analysis or Current State Review – the principal outcome is an Optimisation Plan which provides clear direction for driving improvements.

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