Your organisation’s (planned maintenance) programmed preventative maintenance services need to meet regulatory requirements – are you compliant, what is your level of risks?

YOUR NEEDS: FM and maintenance requirements are becoming increasingly complex and now encompasses everything from cleaning and maintenance to regulatory compliance, from to contracts and procurement to staff and customer “experience”, from technology and capital projects to social responsibility – and you need to be better informed and better protected.

OUR SOLUTION: Our complete building and facility management services include:

  • Facilities Management/Building Management
  • Regulatory Compliance/Essential Safety Measures
  • Work Order Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Auditing Services (Asset, Condition, Compliance)

"The Assisi Centre was able to provide all relevant compliance documentation to the Aged Care Accreditation Agency in 2016… Our maintenance and facility management services have improved exponentially with the engagement of FM Essentials."

Project Manager, Assisi Aged Care


Does your organisation’s approach to assets and maintenance management align with industry best practice and regulatory compliance, and is this done in a cost-effective manner?

The impacts of poor building performance potentially include reduced business productivity and staff retention, brand damage/negative customer perceptions – all of which are costing you money.

Essential safety measures assets and equipment must be managed and maintained in accordance with relevant regulations – maintenance tests, checks, activities, and frequencies for each asset. Your planned maintenance schedules need to be developed to align with these requirements.

OUR SOLUTION/KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved satisfaction – staff, clients, customers
  • Optimised operating costs over the life of an asset
  • Ensure full compliance with regulations
  • Improved building performance

Our holistic maintenance management solution enables you to achieve your facility management goals; such as improved quality, greater value for money, social and environmental responsibility, and peace of mind resultant from third party certification for regulatory compliance.

"FM Essentials have done an excellent job since taking over as Base Building Manager for our new headquarters... and have been working closely with the Builder to ensure regulatory compliance is achieved throughout DLP and that there is minimal disruption to the tenants."

Support Services Manager, Australian Nurses and Midwifery Federation

Essential safety measures are the fire, life safety and health items installed or constructed in a building to ensure adequate levels of fire safety and protection from other health risks over the life of the building – are your compliant with all relevant regulations?

Essential safety measures assets and equipment must be managed and maintained in accordance with relevant regulations. Maintenance policies (determinations) which specify the required maintenance tests, checks, activities, and frequencies for each asset are stipulated by the regulations. Your (planned maintenance) programmed preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules need to be developed to align with these requirements, and your compliance with the regulations measured and reported as part of the Annual Essential Safety Measure (AESMR) process.

OUR SOLUTION/KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Passive and Active Fire Inspections, and Egress Inspections
  • Safety Measures Logbooks
  • Development of ESM Manuals
  • Provision of the Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports (AESMR)
  • Annual Witness Testing (integrated fire services)
  • Ensure full compliance with regulations and safeguard the occupants of your facilities
  • Avoid serious legal and financial penalties
  • Improved building performance

"We now have nearly 70,000 jobs and over 200 sites setup in through FM Essentials… They are continually stretching the boundaries through their innovation and industry knowledge..."

Managing Director, TCM Solutions

In addition to the basic principles of effective workflow, does your service request process allow you to tag a defect to a specific asset, to provide a complete maintenance history?

Your staff need to be able log service requests as efficiently as possible, in order to minimise disruption, and ensure defects can be rectified expediently. Stakeholders also need be better informed throughout the process, e.g. access to job status and due date.

OUR SOLUTION/KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Ensure all work orders are completed on time and budget
  • Streamline workflow – quoting, approval, and work issues
  • End-to-end process covering all stages through to financial completion
  • Ensure your maintenance obligations are met in timely and cost-effective manner
  • Each work order is progressed in accordance with agreed Priorities/SLAs
  • Stakeholders are kept up to date via status reports and automated notifications

"Their expertise and enthusiasm have been invaluable in up-skilling the client's FM team and will go long way up to ensuring the site is operated more effectively and efficiently..."

Senior Project Manager, Montlaur

Do you have procedures in place to safeguard maintenance contactors undertaking works, and to protect building occupants, assets and systems – and how robust is this process?

OUR SOLUTION/KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • More control over access and security
  • Onboarding/Training (police checks, insurance, software, equipment)
  • Adherence to Health & Safety (e.g. SWMSs, permit to work)
  • Governance, invoicing/administration
  • Ensures that clients are charged based upon "actual" time on site

Recent innovations in our contractor management services include the introduction of a QR Code solution, compatible with any smartphone. This technology also allows contractors to undertake onsite reporting and provides live data, which reduces administration post attendance.

"FM Essentials' assistance will help to improve the quality of the base building services offering… I would have no hesitation in utilising their skill sets as a technical advisor in the field of facilities management and building operations for future client opportunities."

Project Director, APP

Are you aware of your regulatory obligations in the management of essentials safety measures and the potential ramifications in the event of a serious breach – lives could be at risk!

You cannot manage and maintain assets and equipment without an accurate understanding of what was installed, when, and where, and your regulatory obligations including testing, inspections, and statutory documentation, the manufacturer’s specifications, etc

OUR SOLUTION/KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Asset Audits – the development of accurate Asset Registers (asset name, asset type, asset system, location, installation date, maintenance policy, etc.)
  • Condition Audits – Identifying condition, defects, priority ratings, rectification, and costing, including the development of annual rectification strategies and capital works plans
  • Essential Safety Measures (ESM) Audits – performed by building assessors and experienced auditors to determine non-compliances, defects, and rectification
  • Improve performance, application of whole of life planning – risk/capital works

"FM Essentials has a thorough understanding of the many facets of the FM industry and how they interconnect… Their team is enthusiastic, highly professional and well respected in the industry, and can be relied upon to bring top quality project outcomes…"

CEO, First Contact

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